Commercial improvement projects can provide a range of benefits unless things don’t go according to plan. It’s not uncommon, for example, to pursue a tenant improvement project and have a regrettable experience due to failures in the area of project management. Below, learn some of the pitfalls you can avoid and other benefits of hiring a professional project manager (PM).

Improvement Projects Gone Wrong

When a project is mishandled, problems can quickly stack up. Many a landlord involved in a commercial improvement project has come across the following common problems:

  • The cost exceeds the estimate quoted by the contractor;
  • Numerous change orders are required; and
  • The project was not completed by the promised finish date.

These circumstances can be a big headache and greatly increase the overall cost of a project. Tenants can be inconvenienced, and it’s possible the landlord may be subject to litigation due to complications connected to an improvement project with these and other insufficiencies.

A List of Substandard Construction

For each element of a project, a professional project manager typically has contractors who can be trusted to do an excellent job. If a landlord attempts to coordinate a project in do-it-yourself fashion with little to no project experience, the benefits of knowledge are lost. In a case that is still in litigation, the following are just a few of many defective construction outcomes of a tenant improvement project gone wrong:

  • Unlevel floors
  • Carpet improperly and only partially installed
  • Defective plumbing
  • Installation of unsuitable doors
  • Incorrect installation of electricals
  • Nonfunctioning lighting
  • Construction of rooms not according to the blueprint

How Can Professional Project Managers Help?

Commercial projects are typically major undertakings, and a business depends on their timely, professional completion. It saves time and money and helps to avoid distressful situations when a project management firm handles all components of a project from the beginning.

A project management firm is an independent third party who has no conflict of interest. A PM’s best interests are served by completing a project in a high-quality, timely manner.

Project managers are experienced and typically also educated in the many potential aspects of a particular commercial project. Management of reliable vendors is one of the greatest benefits of working with an expert PM.

The best benefit of trusting the inception-to-completion formula of a professional PM firm is related to costs. You can save a considerable amount of money when you rely on a seasoned project management firm due to built-in efficiencies and relationships in the local area.

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