Confidence in the economy is high and so is the demand for self-storage space. Self-storage property owners don’t automatically have a low vacancy rate, however, because it’s a competitive industry. Maximizing self-storage income practically demands that the expectations of modern customers are satisfied. Check out the following tips to ensure modern appeal at your self-storage facility.

1-24/7 Accessibility

People work various shifts and many have special circumstances. It can be very frustrating for self-storage renters not to have access to their belongings at accommodating times. A 24-hour access self-storage facility means that renters can get to their storage spaces when it’s most convenient for them.

2-Convenient Communications

The population of the world as a whole is, for the most part, online. Every avenue of communication that can be used to promote your self-storage facility and communicate with tenants and prospective customers can contribute to business success. When customer service includes the ability to web chat, e-mail, and speak face-to-face as well as use the telephone, customers appreciate it. Communication should always be friendly and helpful, of course, which means all customer service personnel should be trained and knowledgeable.

3-Options for Account Management

Customers don’t want to feel that they are being forced to operate under outdated norms. Many in the self-storage industry still require payments to be paid in person or over the phone. You’ll be more competitive by providing a flexible range of options for storage payments, and the ability to make online payments should be among the choices.

4-Modern Climate-Control Technology

Customers want the condition of their belongings to be preserved in storage. This means storing them in the right environment that prevents damage caused by humidity, heat, and temperature fluctuations. Climate control is usually best when it includes humidity control, and many potential tenants will want to know what systems are in place to ensure that their things will be safely stored in an ideal environment.

5-Good Security

Research shows that security is a top concern of prospective storage facility customers. To make sure tenants’ possessions aren’t stolen or vandalized, modern self-storage facilities should have strong security measures in place. The bare minimum of security should include bright lighting for the entire property; a closed-circuit television system that is effective at helping to prevent theft; well-designed perimeter fencing; and fire protection systems.

6-Visual Appeal & Perks

Tenants will feel good about renting from your self-storage facility if you keep up a nice level of curb appeal and add some unexpected amenities. “Little” things such as providing fresh coffee and clean, pleasant bathrooms make a big impact and a lasting positive impression. Promotions such as providing the first month of storage free can also help you rise above the competition.

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