Hiring a project management firm for commercial capital improvements and tenant improvement projects has numerous benefits. The experience brought to the table will lower your costs, reduce your risk, and keep your project on schedule as much as possible. Major commercial projects should only be tackled by professionals, not by business owners who have no experience in project management, per se. Project managers (PMs) are in great demand everywhere because the value of third-party property management is widely recognized. Some of the benefits of hiring a property management firm follow.

1-Knowledge and Experience

Proven project management companies have gained valuable knowledge through years of hands-on experience. Lessons learned the hard way become strengths. Even typical errors can be avoided if you have a PM steeped in know-how.

2-Quality Vendors

Vendor management is among the tasks of a PM. There are distinct advantages to entrusting your project to a third-part project management company because of that valuable skill. You can cut costs on your overall project because your PM works with the best vendors at reduced, negotiated prices.

3-No Conflict of Interest

If you put a project in the hands of contractors, architects, or others, project decisions could be influenced by their own stake in the project. When you hire a project management firm, the PM is watching out for your best interests. Knowing there’s no conflict of interest can give you peace of mind.

4-Minimize Risk

A lot is on the line with commercial projects because your target customers are affected by inconveniences. With a project management firm, project expectations are clearly defined at the outset, and strategies can be implemented to complete the work as efficiently as possible. Risk is minimized in other ways, as well, simply because professional PMs specialize in all aspects of risk management on a project.

5-Project Coordination

There can be as many as 20 different vendors, contractors, and consultants on a single project. Time constraints are always a concern. Qualified PMs coordinate the work and keep things on track and on schedule.

6-A Valuable Partnership

If you don’t hire a property management company, you or others in your firm will absorb the responsibility of managing the project. Few people in other employment roles have experience as a PM. Therefore, your in-house project manager is likely operating outside their usual responsibilities and expertise. It’s much better to form a beneficial partnership with a project management company and let everyone else stick with what they know best.

7-Beginning to End

For best results, hire a project management company to handle the entire project, including for preplanning and preconstruction services. Best results are achieved when a project is overseen from start to finish by an experienced partner.

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