Florida is famously popular among seniors in retirement, and the needs of retirees strengthen the self-storage industry throughout the state. Some of the most common trending threads across the senior population point to a need for self-storage facilities. In addition to climate-controlled units, it’s helpful to seniors for a self-storage property to include space for boats and RVs. Learn more about these trends below.


Seniors on a fixed income who want to get the most out of their Golden Years strive to leave room in their budget to enjoy hobbies, including travel. One of the most common go-to strategies for retirees is downsizing their living arrangements. They move out of the larger home they shared with multiple family members and cut their living space to a cozy size for a single person or a couple. Of course, everything in a large house certainly won’t fit in one that’s possibly a quarter of its size. Where do all the leftover belongings go? To self-storage facilities, of course.

When the day comes that family members take over responsibility of all their loved ones’ belongings, they are very seldom willing to get rid of everything. The need to keep things in storage only grows because the most recent items used are added to those that didn’t fit during a downsizing move.

Discounted Travel Opportunities

Active seniors who find all the ways they can to travel frequently need a significant amount of self-storage. Many travel the world as they take advantage of greatly reduced costs offered to seniors. An example is “Couchsurfing.” A network of individuals the world over open their homes to provide free housing for foreigners who are looking for cheap travel. Couchsurfing has, so far, proved to be a great opportunity for seniors. In fact, there’s a Couchsurfing group just for people age 50+.

Boating Enthusiasts

According to studies, adventure-seeking seniors love turning to boating as a way to enjoy their retirement. One of the reasons many retirees sell their large homes is to buy a boat, for which they often need a self-storage facility with spaces for watercraft. Sailing, fishing, and just enjoying being on the water all attract a large number in the growing senior population in Florida and throughout the U.S.


Another great way for seniors to travel is in their own motor home, and many look forward to retirement so that they can do just that. For those that have a home and an RV, parking at a secure, trusted self-storage property is needed. In reality, unfortunately, many seniors buy an RV because it’s their least expensive living option as they enter their sunset years. But for those that manage a home and an RV, self-storage is a huge need.

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