Demand and supply are among the gauges that determine how sound an investment in a self-storage facility might be. Not much reason to be concerned, however. The self-storage industry has been steadily growing strong for decades. Since 2012, self-storage has seen an annual growth of 7.7 percent. Many things are driving demand and among them is a downsizing trend.

The following is information about benefits of downsizing—advantages which lead multiple thousands of people to seek out self-storage space for belongings that no longer fit in their homes.

Forced Elimination of Clutter

When you downsize, the amount of space you live in is reduced. To enjoy your smaller space, it’s necessary to get rid of items that aren’t essential because you only have so much countertop and shelf space. This is easier said than done. Clutter is a chronic problem for people everywhere, proving that it can be very difficult to eliminate things.

If you downsize with the intent of using the change as a catalyst for maintaining simpler surroundings, renting storage space enhances the opportunity. With a self-storage unit, you are able to keep the things you can’t allow yourself to let go of and yet they don’t have to be underfoot only to collect dust and take up space in your home.

Simplified Cleaning Time

With a large home, keeping the house clean is a huge chore that practically begs homeowners to hire a professional maid service. When you live in a compact space, cleaning takes up a lot less of your time. Consider vacuuming alone. Instead of having to routinely vacuum the entire upstairs and perhaps also downstairs, for example, the amount of carpeted floor space is limited.

More Family Interaction

Family members are often so spread apart in a large household, it’s common to text or call one another instead of talking face-to-face. In a cozy space, avoiding interaction isn’t possible. Everyone is in close proximity to each another at virtually any time of the day or night. This strengthens relationships, as long as everyone is willing to work through such things as personality conflicts and a loss of a greater sense of having personal space.

Lower Utility Costs

The cost of heating and air conditioning a home is much lower when there is less space to keep comfortable. It may be necessary to beef up insulation in order to see maximum benefits. Winterizing your home will go a long way toward reducing utility costs.

More Disposable Income

When you downsize significantly, you greatly reduce the amount of money that goes toward your mortgage payments. With lower utilities, as well, you end up with an increase in disposable income. This could mean the difference between marking things off your bucket list and having to stay on a strict budget.

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