Competition to fill commercial retail space is getting stiffer, and trending commercial tenant improvements can help avoid vacancies. The Pew Research Center predicts that half the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020. In keeping with the changing expectations of younger workers and employers interested in attracting the fresh pool of talent, certain tenant improvement projects are called for, including the following.

Office Environments that Attract Millennials

Millennials reject cubicles, and kudos to them for that. Creating an environment that welcomes a younger set necessitates a different kind of office environment altogether. What may be most important is to create a layout that fosters collaboration. This will enhance your organization’s productivity and boost employee satisfaction as well as your bottom line.

The following are some of the components of collaborative office space:

  • An open layout achieves a much-desired vibe for millennials because it makes it easy to approach others for purposes of collaboration.
  • A layout in office design that offers flexibility means providing a variety of work spaces and freedom for employees to move from one area to another that better accommodates his or her current activities.
  • Social spaces that encourage interaction are crucial, especially when a company is situated on multiple floors of a building. Research has proven that improved innovation and business performance are among the outcomes of unplanned interactions and chance encounters among employees.
  • Collaborative work spaces aren’t successful unless they also have an indelible stamp of office branding. This may mean effectively using company colors and slogans, but most of all, it conveys the assurance that teamwork and collaboration are desired by the company.
  • A playfulness that accommodates multiple purposes is a desired aspect of office design.

Technology is a Catalyst for Commercial Tenant Improvement

Commercial tenants are often looking for high-tech commercial space, though they aren’t necessarily in a tech industry. For a business to accommodate the demands which have evolved as a result of modern technology, commercial tenant improvement projects are frequently necessary. Desired technology in the workplace today includes smart technology in security systems and lighting, digital displays, and high-definition video conferencing capabilities. Seamless integration of all devices is an expected feature in a high-tech work environment.

A Need Created by E-Commerce

The sprawling buildings and multiple locations necessary in times past have largely been eliminated due to the explosive growth of e-commerce. Tenant vacancies are rare these days in centralized locations, since many businesses are switching to more compact downtown office spaces.

Environmental Consciousness

Members of the younger generation tend to have a strong sense of environmental consciousness. Incorporating an earth-friendly vibe into retail space is frequently one of the goals of commercial tenant improvements. Among the sought-after environmental features of commercial retail spaces are high-efficiency construction materials, efficient water usage, the use of passive solar technology, and using sensors and lighting controls that enhance energy efficiency.

Project Management Services for Tenant Improvement Projects

The help of project management experts ensures that tenant improvement projects are carried out efficiently. Only experienced project managers can pull off tenant improvements with minimal inconvenience and maximum customer satisfaction. Weaver Realty Group offers fully-integrated project management services for tenant improvement projects. For more information, contact Weaver Realty Group today by calling 904-733-0039.