Facility management has become increasingly sophisticated; as a result, more and more companies utilize professional facilities management services. Among the factors driving changes is an increased emphasis on operational efficiency due to heightened levels of corporate cost-consciousness. In addition, tenants have increased dependence on technological tools, computer networks, and telecommunications systems. The job continues to evolve. Below are three of the latest trends in facilities management.

Employee Experience Enhancement

Facilities management has an impact on employee experience, a workplace factor considered more critical than ever. Employee retention strengthens any company. All interactions staff members have with their employer constitutes the employee experience.

Company culture is represented by the environment in which employees work. Because the facilities manager oversees virtually every aspect of that environment, he or she can have the most influence over how employees feel in their workplace.

Extensive research was done through a recent survey, and the results released in 2016 showed that employee engagement in the workplace is a direct result of the workplace environment. Essential factors the workplace has a direct impact on include employee:

  • Productivity
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs

One example of what employees want is to have needed tools allowing them to stay connected with their workplace on their mobile devices, in conference meetings, and on their personal computers. A mobile app can provide the flexibility and level of freedom employees seek.

Mastering Facility Management Metrics

Facilities management professionals are prepared to cover each of eight or more critical measurements of performance. The following are two of those essential areas:

Real Estate Cost Management

A sizeable percentage of any company’s expenses is accounted for by the cost of real estate. It falls to facilities managers to reduce those costs. In addition to knowing the total square footage of the building space the company owns and leases, the manager or facilities management service must be thoroughly familiar with and insightful about such matters as cost per square foot, the value of each area, and terms of lease agreements.

Inspirational Work Spaces

A fundamental shift in the workplace in the past decade is that employees have higher expectations with regard to their work environment. Employees want their workplace to be a source of inspiration, but recent data shows that a little more than have of all office workers are uninspired at work. Characteristics of an inspiring workplace include excellent lighting, quiet spaces, and areas that promote and accommodate collaboration.

Energy Management

Best energy-saving practices cut energy costs, help to protect the environment, and provide a healthier workplace environment. The standard for energy management is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, better known as LEED. The organization is an ecology-oriented building certification program that provides guidelines for existing buildings to implement sustainable practices and reduce the impact buildings have on the environment.

Weaver Realty Group: Facilities Management Experts

Weaver Realty Group is a local facility management service with decades of experience providing expertise and services of the highest quality. Emphasis is on both tenant satisfaction and efficient operations. Weaver is LEED-certified and has the training and knowledge to help cut costs with energy management at its best. To learn more, contact Weaver Realty Group today at (904) 733-0039.