As the owner of a self-storage facility, one way to increase revenue is to reduce maintenance spending. Staying on top of needed upkeep is less expensive than waiting and having to make significant repairs later. To keep from getting caught off guard with the cost of repairs, it’s smart to save money and set it aside for that purpose. The following are three common types of maintenance neglect at storage facilities that often become major expenses.

Leaky Roofs

Industry professionals have identified leaky roofs at self-storage facilities as one of the most common types of maintenance neglect leading to expensive repairs. Keeping the roof intact means protecting clients’ property, and failing to accomplish this opens the facility up to possible litigation. Neglecting roof repairs is more costly than staying on top of issues as they arise.

Cleaning downspouts and gutters is an essential strategy for keeping a roof intact. If water collects on the roof and is unable to drain properly, it ends up getting inside the building, where tenants’ possessions can be ruined.

Depending on what type of roof is on your self-storage facility, another preventative measure may be to fasten down parts of the roof that become loosened. Check the roof at least once per year, and take care of gutters and anything on the roof that has fallen into disrepair. By doing this, you help to avoid the costs associated with a leaky self-storage roof.

Deteriorating Asphalt

Maintaining low vacancy at a self-storage facility is usually accomplished by keeping up with the different aspects of the property that help serve tenants. It’s not unusual for the asphalt that customers must drive on to begin crumbling. Not only does this create a bad image that could steer prospective customers away, but broken asphalt can cause many types of damage. Your liability risk is increased if there are dangerous tripping hazards or other conditions that can damage customers’ vehicles and other property.

Damaged Doors

Self-storage units become unstable when the doors are difficult to open. Sticking doors are common deferred maintenance issues. Problematic doors discourage customers from staying at a facility. It’s always a bad business move to rent out a storage space knowing that the door needs repair. In these types of circumstances, what usually happens is that many or all of the entryways end up with broken springs or some other problem. Then the expense to fix them all at once is a huge financial drain. The cost-saving approach is taking care of doors that don’t open properly when you find out there’s a problem.

Practical Support from a Local Self-Storage Broker

Each above-referenced maintenance disaster is entirely preventable. Sometimes what’s needed to avoid expensive setbacks is support. That’s where Weaver Realty Group can come in. The experienced brokers at Weaver specialize in more than evaluation, acquisition, and disposition of self-storage properties in a wide range of sizes and types. We also help self-store owners by providing creative solutions to yield the best business results. Weaver is a local brokerage firm and an Argus Affiliate, which provides the benefit of having a nationwide industry connection. Contact Josh Koerner at Weaver Realty Group today to learn more; call (904) 591-0140.