A good marketing campaign can help to ensure success for you, as a self-storage owner. Drawing in new business is more apt to have long-term value if you maintain a quality facility and offer customers value-added features. The following are self-storage basics plus marketing strategies that can lead to lasting success for any self-storage company.

First, Cover the Basics

There are three foundational aspects of self-storage that you can build upon with targeted marketing. They are: Location, maintenance, and customer service.


If you are in the market for a self-storage facility, look at location as a major factor in maintaining a high occupancy rate. A self-storage facility located near a main thoroughfare in heavily populated residential and business areas can play up the value of convenience.


Self-storage facilities need to be maintained properly so that they provide a safe, secure, clean, pest-free place for customers to store their items.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key aspect of inspiring customer loyalty. Your marketing campaign has greater odds for success when positive reviews provide solid trust signals to discerning consumers.

5 Solid Self-Storage Marketing Tips

The following are tried-and-true approaches to marketing for investors in the self-storage industry.

1-Contact Local Movers

The storage industry is often useful for moving companies. If you reach out to movers in your area, you could create profitable alliances. Long-distance movers often need storage until it’s time to make cross-country hauls. Provide incentives for movers to choose your facility.

2-Create Alliances with Real Estate Agents

In the property management and real estate industries, self-storage is an ongoing need. Offer attractive compensations for those in the industry willing to commit to a mutually beneficial partnership.

3-Inform Consumers of your Services

Make sure potential customers can access information specifying your services. Simply filling out details of your facility’s services on your Google business listing can multiply your exposure. The information results in a greater volume of matches on query searches.

4-Offer a Loyalty Program

A proven marketing strategy in the self-storage industry is to provide a good referral program. For example: Refer a friend and both of you get a free month of storage or a hefty one-time discount. Reward customers for their patronage and reviews, as well, by giving them some type of money-saving opportunity.

5-Leverage Social Media

Social media marketing works very well when good customer service and quality facilities result in an organic flow of online followers’ positive reviews. Focus on advertising specials targeted to your local region. Offer the best possible deals, such as one free month for a 6 to 9-month lease.

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