Practically everyone has gone the way of digital technology, including renters at multifamily properties. During an online search, apartment shoppers have certain expectations. It’s on property management to meet those demands. The chances that you will attract new renters and keep a high rate of occupancy are greatly improved if you make the following online tips a priority.

1-Remove Friction

Most members of our high-tech society have become accustomed to seamless shopping experiences. Likewise, renters can lose interest in a prospective property if they encounter roadblocks during their careful search for their next home. The following are some features of a multifamily website that will keep potential renters interested:

  • Respond quickly to online questions.
  • Include the essential information renters are really looking for, such as current pricing, options in floor plans, available amenities, and directions.
  • Provide a specific call to action that encourages and invites a response, such as “apply now” or “schedule a tour today.” These should be one-step processes.
  • Make sure communication about the apartment complex is consistent across all online platforms because it inspires trust.

2-Be Instant in Responses

As prospects do research on potential rental properties, they make contacts with the ones they are most interested in. Whoever responds most quickly wins out and gets an on-site visit—the first step toward signing a new lease. Immediacy is a clear expectation of today’s consumers. A few strategies for providing instant answers follow:

  • Include a FAQ page that addresses all common questions that arise.
  • Use live chat tools.
  • Include product or property feature filters.
  • Provide a conversion tool.
  • Provide an email to get help desk information.
  • Use chatbots for after-hours, when many apartment searches take place. Research shows that chatbots convert apartment hunters at a rate of 14 to 38%.

Provide Visible, Searchable Content

Prospective residents want to experience a rental property through what they find on the property’s website. Paint a complete online portrait with your visual content. Offer 360-degree tours of the units currently available as well as high-quality photographs. Search engine results page features on Google include videos, images, short answers, lists, and tables. Featured snippets are especially valuable because they are used on mobile screens and in response to voice searches, which are on the rise, with the growing popularity of digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

Establish Trust

When a potential renter looks at an apartment website, they want to find everything they want to know about the property. The information on the property’s website and other digital channels should be consistent, accurate, insightful, as up-to-date as it can possibly be, and transparent. No one should have to call your office to find answers to questions such as:

  • How much is the deposit?
  • How much is the pet deposit?

When basic information is missing from the website, the conclusion prospective tenants draw is that hidden fees may be attached or the deposit is too expensive.

Contact Weaver Realty Group for Property Management

The competition is fierce among multifamily properties, and professional property management is the best way to keep up with the essentials that attract new customers. Maintaining a high-quality, informative website is one of many aspects prospective tenants are looking for. When you have the experts at Weaver Realty Group handling property management, all essentials are covered, including a website that meets consumer expectations. Contact the experts at Weaver Realty Group for the best in property management by calling (904) 733-0039 today.