Maintaining a high occupancy rate is always the goal for a retail property, which is why it’s important to know how to attract commercial tenants. With professional property management, you have the benefit of experience, to achieve this goal. There are many nuances to the management of commercial property that experienced management teams understand. Such knowledge can help ensure plenty of interest from potential tenants and ultimately a high occupancy rate, as well. The following are helpful tips for attracting commercial tenants.

Market Cost-Saving Opportunities

In marketing your commercial property, whether in sales meetings or in marketing materials, place emphasis on cost-saving benefits. This could include services offered on-site, such as a dry cleaner or a restaurant with healthy menu items. On-site parking, fiber-optic Internet, and improvements in energy efficiency are a few areas in which you may provide benefits over and above local competitors.

Improvements to the Exterior

It is vital to elevate your property’s appearance, if needed to inspire confidence that consumers will be attracted to the retail space. Oftentimes, only minimal improvements to commercial space are needed to accomplish this goal. Add outdoor landscaping and repair signage, as needed. Also, make sure there is sufficient lighting.

Ensuring an environment that is also visually appealing to the tenants may require the addition of art in common areas such as hallways and lobbies and perhaps indoor plants. Add touch-up paint where needed.

Strengthen Online Presence

Commercial brokers need to be able to find you online. Add all pertinent information with transparency, such as zoning, square footage, and cost. Just like homeowners searching for a new residence, commercial tenants rely heavily on Internet research. By providing the details prospective tenants are looking for online, your property has a better chance of attracting strong interest. Make sure your property can be found on a local website for commercial realtors. It adds legitimacy to the landlord and provides additional traction.

High-Quality Property Maintenance

The level of maintenance of your retail property can be a plus or a minus. If the space is poorly maintained, quality tenants will be almost impossible to attract. If the hallways and bathrooms are obviously on a strict maintenance schedule, the environment will be and feel healthier and cleaner.

A commercial building itself must also be maintained. The roof should be inspected regularly, and the HVAC system needs to be operational. Any downtime of electricity and other creature comforts must be avoided, if at all possible, which is why regular HVAC maintenance is essential. Issues should be discovered before they become full-blown problems. Pavement and sidewalks need regular upkeep, so that they don’t become safety issues.

Hire a Professional Commercial Retail Manager

Weaver Realty Group provides seasoned property management for commercial retail space throughout the Florida peninsula. We are especially qualified to help with environmental measures, as a LEED-certified commercial property management company. However, we specialize in all aspects of commercial property management. Get in touch with our commercial retail property experts at Weaver Realty Group today by calling (904) 733-0039.