The economy is booming, and many retail properties that were vacant are gaining new tenants. Attracting and keeping quality tenants requires keeping a commercial retail property well-maintained. Competition for tenants can be fierce. Staying ahead of potential problems is the best approach to commercial property maintenance. The following tips can help.

The Exterior

If the exterior doesn’t attract customers, there is not much hope that a business can be successful. Evaluate the exterior routinely, to determine whether any features need attention. Make sure the landscaping looks professionally maintained. Any damage to exterior elements should be repaired, including the door handle, signage, and roof.

The Interior

The property owner is responsibility for maintenance and upkeep in the building interior, as well. This includes flooring, light fixtures, furnishings, and paint. The common areas should have sufficient appeal to keep customers interested in exploring. This means fixing any damage and adding painting touchups, as needed. Restrooms should be checked and cleaned regularly and kept in good supply.

Give Things an Added Touch

To attract the right customers for high-quality tenants, shrewd property owners give an added detail for a touch of elegance. Cleanliness with style is a winning combination. Your tenants and their customers will notice and appreciate appealing details. Going the extra mile on elevators, in breakrooms, and in fitting rooms provides added comfort. Patrons won’t hesitate to recommend the place.


Even more crucial than aesthetics is taking preventative measures to ensure safety. At a commercial property, the owner takes responsibility for ensuring safety in the parking lot, at entrances, and in common floor areas. Some of the most common injuries that occur in commercial establishments are slips and falls. When it’s wet outside, there needs to be diligence on the part of the property manager to address any hazardous situations.

HVAC, Etc.

Equipment such as water heaters and heating and air conditioning units must be routinely checked and maintained. Comfort levels of tenants and customers depend on proper upkeep of the equipment. Commercial properties are expected to be cool in summer and warm in winter, and warm water is expected in restrooms. This all falls to the owner and property manager.

Energy Efficiency

You can help customers cut their costs by providing an energy efficient property. If you have a LEED plaque or certification, it is evidence that you have incorporated green features, making the property more cost-effective and healthier with sustainable features and more. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. There are various types of LEED ratings, including LEED for Building Operations & Maintenance.

If you have an older building, you can turn around the inefficiency and resource-depleting qualities of times past. In fact, LEED believes in the adage about how existing buildings are the greenest, by virtue of the fact that they have already been constructed. LEED provides plenty of support materials and guidelines, for retail property owners interested in pursuing a LEED certification.

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