Attracting quality commercial tenants for your retail property can help you avoid a wide range of difficult situations. From massage parlor tenants being raided in a bust to an editing studio that turns out to be a disruptively loud recording studio, many commercial real estate landlords have experienced the nightmare of leasing to the wrong business owners. Getting the best commercial tenants signed on is one of the benefits of using an experienced property management firm, and some effective strategies follow.

Know Your Market

Market research can fast-track coming to an understanding of which improvements will appeal to prospective tenants. Each city, neighborhood, and industry is unique. Once you learn what types of improvements are most in-demand in your area, you could add those features. Conducting surveys of your existing tenants and listening to potential clients will help you prioritize strategies to invest in that will reduce your vacancies and help you attract the best commercial tenants.

Promote Cost-Saving Benefits

Take steps that will help to ensure savings for your tenants, and include those benefits in marketing campaigns. Your commercial spaces could be more cost-effective than your competitors’ if you have such features as fiber-optic Internet, on-site parking, and improvements that ensure energy efficiency. Emphasize the convenience of on-site services such as a dry cleaner or a restaurant with healthy menu options that could help to improve the productivity of your tenants’ employees.

Offer Shared Amenities

Vacancies mean loss of income. A great way to attract and keep quality tenants is to provide shared amenities. If there are any unusual spaces in your commercial building, you may want to convert them into training rooms or conference rooms that your tenants can share. Other possibilities are providing a childcare center for on-site parents and exercise facilities for all interested tenant employees. You could also offer deals with food or coffee vendors, to provide their services as a convenience for your tenants.

Improve Curb Appeal

Tenants are drawn to aesthetically pleasing interior and exteriors. Make sure your retail commercial property has curb appeal. You may need to hire a landscaping company to maintain green areas on your property. You may also want to add indoor plants or eye-catching art for common areas. It is not necessarily a costly investment, to upgrade the interior and exterior, but it can make a huge difference in the amount of interest generated among prospective tenants.

Increase Security

Quality tenants often look for assurances regarding security, before signing a lease. Basic security measures include good lighting and the presence of security cameras. Know what security may be needed in the area where your commercial property is located. Card access or a building security guard are sometimes appropriate and important, to provide peace of mind. Security risks to avoid include overgrown shrubbery and exits with poor lighting.

Who to Call for Professional Property Management

If you are anywhere on the Florida peninsula, contact Weaver Realty Group for all the benefits of having an experienced property management team handling your commercial retail property. Among the numerous benefits provided by Weaver is that the company is a LEED Accredited Professional. With help reducing energy consumption, advantages can be passed on to tenants, helping to avoid vacancies. Contact Weaver Realty Group at (904) 733-0039 for the best in commercial property management and implementation of strategies to attract quality tenants.