The Villages in Wildwood, Florida, is the world’s largest retirement community, and it is complete with premium self-storage space to support a wide range of lifestyles and business needs. In particular, The Villages, Wildwood FL, is an ideal place for active individuals enjoying a well-deserved retirement and needing extra storage space. Below are four of the primary reasons self-storage is an asset for retirees.

1. Downsizing

Moving to a retirement community like The Villages often means downsizing from a larger house. A smaller household is usually a very good thing, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy monthly savings and more time for leisure. Letting go of treasured furnishings before you’re ready isn’t necessary, since quality self-storage in The Villages is available. Family memories can also be safely stored in a trusted storage facility, from stacks of photo albums to kids’ trophies and everything in between. Seasonal decorations and excess materials for beloved hobbies are ideal for self-storage, as well, so that your retirement home can remain clutter-free year around.

2. Travel

If you’re going away for a lengthy trip, in or out of the country, you will have fewer reasons to stress during your travels if you store valuables in a self-storage unit. It’s a fact of life that thieves break in and steal, and electronics are popular targets, along with much larger items. While you’re away, you could enjoy greater peace of mind by storing such items as valuable electronics, your RV, your car, and your boat. Simply choose a facility that has excellent security, including a fenced-in property, video surveillance, and alarms.

3. Recreational Vehicles

Florida is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Many retirees buy the boat of their dreams after retirement and store it in a self-storage facility that accommodates boats. Since retirees have more time to take road trips, RVs are also highly popular. A self-storage facility in Wildwood, FL, may be ideal for car enthusiasts, whether working on classic cars or simply needing a place to safely store them. Self-storage facilities in The Village, Florida, have a wide range of amenities and offer various types of accommodations for residents.

4. A Retirement Investment

A self-storage facility in Wildwood FL may also be an unbeatable investment opportunity for some retirees. Among the self-storage facilities for sale handled by Weaver Realty Group is one with nine buildings and a total of 93 units. Some are climate-controlled storage spaces and some are not. The well-maintained facility has low overhead and has the benefit of being in proximity to The Villages in Florida.

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