If you’ve been looking for a new angle to fill vacancies at your self-storage facility, one possibility is to appeal to businesses needing work space. Temporarily setting up housing at a self-storage facility can help businesses in need of an affordable jump start and much more. Self-storage rental is considerably less expensive than the cost to lease commercial space. The alternative of paying a routine lease at a traditional business facility is often cost-prohibitive.

Types of Businesses that Could Operate out of a Self-Storage Facility

Setting up for business at a self-storage facility may be ideal for some businesses but not others. Businesses that could work from a storage property include:

  • Thrifts stores are ideal for the self-storage environment.
  • Auto mechanics who focus on a narrow field of expertise often work well for the long-term in a self-storage business facility.
  • Photo studio or video editing.
  • Vintage furniture sales.
  • Content providers are in tremendous demand for businesses everywhere. Finding the solitude that allows for focus is a treasure for writers, and a self-storage office may be ideal, depending on whether or not the atmosphere is conducive to generating creative ideas. Some self-storage facilities with business tenants make multi-purpose rooms with windows and pleasant views available for use, which would be a plus for writers.
  • Handyman or Handywoman can store all the needed tools and set up work benches for their craft at a self-storage business unit.

Business Set-Up in a Self-Storage Facility

What does it look like when a business occupies a self-storage space to conduct daily affairs? The following are examples of basics.

  • Electrical lines would need to be added, in order to accommodate all necessary equipment. This could include a printer, computers, plus many other types of equipment and machinery.
  • A conference room should be made available for business tenants, complete with a projector.
  • The facility would need to be accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Adequate security is essential. In addition to a facility being securely gated with strict access, business tenants who gain around-the-clock entry should only be given access to the area of the facility where such units are located. This can be achieved by different strategies. For instance, an elevator might only allow a tenant onto a designated floor.
  • Accepting deliveries on behalf of business tenants is a big plus.

In addition to these basic features for business tenants, you may choose to cater further to businesses. Individual air conditioning units and carpeting would provide sensible upgrades to a space used for work instead of mere storage. Some self-storage property owners make furniture available to tenants, as well.

Networking Events

With businesses occupying some of the spaces at your self-storage facility, you can gain the benefits of routine networking events. Members of the local Chamber of Commerce could gather with the businesses in the various business units and with others looking for a place to set up shop.

The opportunity for business tenants to network with others in the community is a huge plus for your self-storage facility and the business owners, because of the exposure it provides.

Alternate Business Accommodations

If you don’t want to allow functioning office/work spaces on your property, you can still attract businesses by advertising the benefits of business storage at a self-storage facility. Climate-controlled units are ideal for storing supplies, equipment, files, and inventory. This can be a crucial benefit for those working out of small spaces, and it’s especially helpful when the storage facility is located near their workplace, whether that’s at home or in an office building.

Benefits of Help from a Self-Storage Broker

Self-storage facilities are typically sound investments, and the best source of help to make the most of such properties is a self-storage broker like Weaver Realty Group. Because Weaver Realty is a Network Affiliate with the Argus Self-Storage Network, you gain all the benefits of nationwide affiliations. The team at Weaver Realty helps those who own self-storage facilities to find creative solutions, such as opening up their property for business tenants to have work space. To learn about numerous other potential solutions for your self-storage needs from Weaver Realty Group, contact Josh Koerner today at (904) 591-0140.