Self-storage can be useful for many people involved in summer activities. Baseball leagues need a place for equipment. Boating enthusiasts often need a place to store their vessel. If you are looking for a new approach to attracting customers to your self-storage property, you could spread the word that your self-storage facility is ideal for various seasonal needs, including for summer.

Sports Equipment Storage Tips

Nothing is considered more American than baseball. The sport has always been popular, but it seems to be gaining a lot more participation in recent times. Coaches for various children’s baseball leagues have a lot of bulky equipment to keep track. It rarely makes sense to bring the items home. Self-storage is perfect for baseball equipment storage and for other sports paraphernalia.

Clean the Equipment

It’s a good idea to offer helpful tips to your customers about proper storage, and this definitely applies for those who may be using storage for a sports league. The most important thing to keep in mind is that equipment should always be cleaned before being placed in self-storage. Grass and dirt should be removed from cleats, balls, golf clubs, and all other sports items. They should also be dry, so as not to encourage the growth of mildew or mold in storage. If covering equipment while it’s in storage, do not use plastic tarps because they promote mold and collect moisture. Instead, use a cotton sheet.

Boat Storage

Boat storage at a marina can be cost-prohibitive. Keeping a boat at home is rarely convenient. Either the boat takes up valuable garage space or it’s an eyesore outside. Plus, being outdoors can mean too much exposure to the elements, which can cause damage. An ideal alternative is a self-storage facility that accommodates boats.

Any self-storage property owner with extra space on their property in Florida could probably fill as many new spaces for boats as they can fit. Standard storage often doesn’t work for boats. Focusing on getting business from boat owners usually means adding storage units designed especially for boats. Instead of individual storage, some boat storage facilities create a large building where multiple boats in their trailers can be parked. With the right security measures in place, this would protect the boats from being stolen and from being exposed to the elements.

Jet skis are also popular in summer, and they also create a storage conundrum at home. Standard 10×10 storage units are typically large enough for a jet ski and trailer.

If you make room for boats and jet skis, provide tenants with suggestions for proper storage. For example, any water or organic material inside a boat during storage can cause significant damage such as rot, result in growth of mold, and cause the boat to have an awful smell.

Call on the Best Local Self-Storage Brokers

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