Does your self-storage facility offer the top security features self-storage renters have on their checklists? If so, you increase the chances of meeting and possibly exceeding your goals for monthly income. When tenants see that a facility provides what is most important to them, you can also expect to reap the long-term financial rewards of tenant loyalty. There are many features you could add to your property, to instill customer confidence that they and their belongings are secure. Learn more below, including the benefits of working with an experienced, well-connected self-storage broker.

1-Secure the Perimeter

Special attention should be given to secure the perimeter of the property. This includes cement walls or a high-gated fence. Security beams are an excellent added measure. What they do is sound an alert if there is any movement in the areas where security beams are activated.

2-Personalized Key Code Access

Personalized key codes for entry onto the property provide extra security because each individual uses their own code to come and go. This assures that anyone coming and going is doing so because their personalized designated code is still active.

3-Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Having management and staff on property is a lot more meaningful when they are able to observe what’s happening throughout the property. Strategically placed video cameras can ensure that there are eyes on the facility 24/7. Video cameras provide visual confirmation of who is on property, complete with a time stamp for each image.

4-Security Lighting

A well-lit property is a must-have feature for tenants concerned about safety. Whether an individual has indoor or outdoor access to their storage unit, the area must have plenty of adequate lighting. This allows tenants to see inside their units. They can also see well enough that when they look around, they can tell whether anyone else may be in the immediate area.

5-Intercom Systems

Renters will appreciate having easy contact with the front office through an intercom system, in case an issue arises at the front gate or near the storage unit. This provides added convenience but also security, in case safety concerns unexpectedly arise.

6-Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

Accidents happen, and tenants will feel more confident if there are smoke detectors and fire alarms in place, in the event of a fire. Up-to-date fire extinguishers should also be available in each storage area, to better protect tenants’ belongings.

7-Secure Locks

Storage units are typically secured with a dependable lock. Make quality locks available for sale, in case tenants who have moved in have forgotten to buy one.

8-Storage Units with Individual Alarms

Some tenants desire greater security for their units than a lock. Providing individually alarmed storage units is the perfect addition to a self-storage facility. If a storage unit is improperly accessed, the alarm will go off to scare off possible intruders and alert the facility staff that a self-storage unit may be vulnerable.

9-On-Site Personnel 24/7

Whether a manager who lives on property or security guards, tenants will be much more confident about the safety of their belongings when someone is on site 24/7.

Brokerage Support

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