To increase your self-storage occupancy rate, widening your target audience to include businesses may help. Many industries use business storage these days, to help with management of their space. The following are some of the ways businesses are benefiting from self-storage, and you could target marketing dollars toward sharing this information with local proprietors.

Seasonal and Promotional Items

Maintaining inventory in an organized manner helps to cut waste. Businesses with limited space can benefit from using self-storage facilities for storage of materials used in certain seasons and during specific promotions. Business efficiency is increased when the need to wade through excess storage items is eliminated.

Eliminate Clutter

An office can quickly become cluttered with items that aren’t currently being used but are best to keep for future use. It has been proven through research that eliminating clutter helps to increase productivity in work environments. Self-storage for businesses is ideal for unused filing cabinets, desks, chairs, and electronics.

Store Excess Inventory

Supplies can also be kept in a storage unit, to maintain uncluttered work space. This allows for cost-cutting bulk purchases while avoiding unmanageable supply rooms. Business inventory can also be kept in storage, as an economical way to accommodate a growing business. Store excess inventory to make room for additional personnel.

Document Storage

Papers are still essential to businesses, in spite of the convenience of cloud storage. Sensitive documents that must be maintained could be stored cost-effectively in a self-storage facility. In this type of situation, a climate-controlled self-storage unit would be needed. Premium security would also be required.

Restaurants and Other Businesses

Restaurant owners are among those who can benefit from business self-storage. For restaurateurs, the types of items that often need to be stored include the following:

  • Non-perishable foods
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Patio furniture
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Dishware
  • Excess inventory

Retailers can store and organize inventory in a self-storage unit. Contractors who don’t have a storefront can store materials, equipment, invoices, records, and paperwork. Lawn care companies can store bulky lawn equipment. There are endless possibilities, and yet many business owners have never considered how helpful self-storage can be.

Features to Attract Business Owners

Making needed upgrades to a self-storage facility could help convert your property to the perfect space for businesses. The following are all desirable features for business storage:

  • Around-the-clock security with multiple layers, including: 24/7 monitored surveillance video, secure perimeter fencing, entry gates with pass codes, individual locks, and individual alarms.
  • Convenient access hours.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, and insightful staff members.
  • Climate control and humidity control.
  • A clean facility that is well-lighted.
  • No long-term commitment required.
  • Units that a vehicle can drive directly up to.

Contact Self-Storage Brokerage Experts

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