Self-storage is helpful for many reasons, besides the usual tucking away of excess belongings during a move. Why not put advertising dollars toward informing residents of ideas for storage that they may have never thought of? It’s springtime and the perfect opportunity to point out that spring cleaning can be better than ever by renting a self-storage unit to store winter clothes and other things needed during the past season. While selling your self-storage property as the perfect solution for spring cleaning, include helpful information about benefits of reducing clutter in the home.

Storage for Seasonal Clothing

People often keep crowded closets with separate wardrobes for every season crammed inside. During spring cleaning, the clothes are simply shuffled around. By using self-storage,  individuals can enjoy the pleasure of an organized, clutter-free closet. It’s important to choose a temperature-controlled facility, so that clothes aren’t exposed to extreme heat or cold.

The following are some tips for preparing clothing for storage in a way that protects them and ensures they are ready to wear when that season rolls back around:

  • All of the clothing going to storage should be clean and dry. This serves several functions. First, it removes any bits of food or dirt that could attract insects. Secondly, washing the clothes removes trace oils and other stains that could “set” during storage—even if they aren’t visible to the naked eye right now.
  • Consider taking the time to make small repairs and replace lost buttons prior to beginning the storage process.
  • Place the clothing in transparent plastic storage bins. You can use clean cardboard for storage, but the material can attract pests. Carefully label the bins or boxes, so that it is easy to retrieve what you need from storage, when the time comes.
  • If you have any unused suitcases, they can be perfect for clothing storage.
  • Place delicate clothing in fully enclosed garment bags.
  • If you have leather fabrics, apply a light protective oil. Make sure the leather doesn’t come into contact with other fabrics during storage.
  • Keep clothing smelling fresh by adding cedar to the storage containers. Additional options include adding dryer sheets or dried lavender. (Mothballs are NOT recommended because they stink.)
  • Clean up shoes before placing them in storage. If there are shoe odors, add a pinch of baking soda.

Ideal Self-Storage Environment for Clothing Storage

The self-storage unit perfect for storing clothing has the following essential qualities: Cool, clean, dry, and dark. Just in case something unusual happens at a storage facility, causing water to pool up on the floors, it’s a good idea to place your storage items up off of the floor, even if only a few inches. Wooden pallets are perfect for that purpose.

Other Seasonal Items and Yard Sale Items

While spring cleaning, gather additional items for self-storage, such as Christmas decorations. Consider planning a yard sale in spring, and keep items you plan to sell at the self-storage facility. Some properties provide opportunities for all tenants to have a “garage sale” on certain dates. This would make it even easier to transition from cleaning, storing, trashing, and donating to selling.

A Self-Storage Brokerage Can Help

Interested in more good ideas for minimizing your vacancy rate or buying or selling a self-storage facility? Contact Weaver Realty Group, an affiliate broker of the Argus Self Storage Network. With help from the experienced professionals at Weaver, you can make the most of your investment. Our brokers have helpful knowledge and insight, not to mention excellent connections through Argus. Call Josh Koerner of Weaver Realty Group at  (904) 591-0140 today.