The number one way to ensure that your rental property provides the best financial return is to avoid vacancies in rental occupancy. A lot of competition is out there, and it usually takes ongoing work to maintain a high occupancy rate. A property management company has all of the tools in place to win this essential battle for tenants. The following are among the top strategies for avoiding rental vacancies.

Boost Online Marketing

About 90% percent of the U.S. adult population is using the Internet for commerce. Potential tenants are also online, and the worldwide web is where most start out in their search for a new rental property. Your rental property should have a quality website that communicates all of the information a tenant may be looking for. Plenty of high-quality photos should be included, capturing all of the features of the property, presented in the best possible light. Involvement in social media is also essential, and it should involve management of your online reputation. The number of stars on a summary of reviews could lose or win you the customers you want to attract.

Even with all of the best online features in place, the potential results won’t come through unless the website is managed using optimal search engine optimization (SEO) practices. To give online marketing the best possible boost, the website needs to be handled by experts who are in-the-know.

Offer Incentives

Any perks and incentives you offer could increase tenant happiness. The ability to pay rent online is a convenience; and sending reminders about rent due is usually greatly appreciated, as well. Providing a laundry room as well as washer/dryer hookups are features quality tenants look for. Dedicated parking spots are also popular perks.

Strengthen Connections with Tenants

Connections with tenants that help you avoid a decline in rental occupancy rates are strengthened by consistently providing  better-than-adequate customer service. A great way to achieve this is by fulfilling all of the duties of a landlord, with no evidence of shirking responsibility. A tenant feels valued when problems are addressed quickly. The following are among the responsibilities landlords handle as priorities, to build on good tenant relationships:

  • Maintain common areas such as stairs, hallways, and parking areas, to ensure that they are safe for use.
  • Keep the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical appliances, and other essential facilities in good, safe working order.
  • Make all needed repairs without delay.
  • Keep lines of communication open, friendly, and responsive.

Promote Strong Selling Points

Maximize the best selling points of your property by making the information easily accessible to potential tenants. Some features that will attract the very best tenants include the following:

  • A primary deciding factor for where to rent more than 80% of the time, according to research, is the quality of the schools zoned to the address. Make this information easily accessible, if it applies to your property.
  • Make sure the property always looks its best and vacant apartments are in top move-in-ready condition. If the property and apartments are clean and well-maintained, it communicates a certain standard tenants will find attractive.
  • Provide upgrades with rental units, such as covered patios, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood flooring.

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