Self-storage facilities can be excellent investment properties, especially if a strong sense of customer loyalty is cultivated. Great customer service and an environment that communicates the value of tenants will do a lot to encourage customers to stay put rather than migrate to another facility that may offer hard-to-resist discounts or other benefits. The following are proven ways to strengthen customer loyalty at a self-storage facility.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

A great idea for creating customer loyalty at your self-storage facility is to provide a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. Keep restrooms immaculate and smelling great. Always provide tasty coffee, refreshingly cold bottled water, popcorn, and/or warm cookies.

Offer Rewards for Customer Referrals

Get existing tenants in on your marketing efforts by passing out referral cards. They may appreciate the opportunity to get $50 as a reward for every referral of a new customer. Plus the new tenant can enjoy a 50-dollar break on the first month’s rent. Referral rewards provide a win-win for everyone. Go the extra mile and call tenants to thank them for each referral and remind them of the details of claiming their reward.

Establish a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is usually a simple point system. Frequent customers can earn points that add up to a valuable reward of some kind. In self storage, tenants could get a discount on rent or discounts on merchandise after earning a certain number of loyalty points through the purchase of supplies.

Make a Conference Room Available

Establish a conference room that can be used to build a strong sense of customer loyalty. One idea that involves the community is to arrange for a meeting with new tenants to receive a bag of promotional items from local businesses. They may receive coupons and flyers from nearby restaurants, mechanic shops, and dry cleaners, for example.

Also, allow tenants to meet with people they are swapping with through an online program, such as local online “garage sales” or Craigslist.

Provide free Wi-Fi, coffee, and laptop stations in the conference room. Make the room available during business hours at no charge for tenants only. Some self-employed tenants may be use the room for the occasional meet-up with a client.

Stay in Touch Online

Keep lines of communication open with your tenants by connecting with them through email and/or social media. You can send tenants news, information about events, and offer a free feature in which customers can post items they’d like to sell.

Sponsor a Bi-Annual Garage Sale

Get your self-storage facility involved in the community. Twice per year, host a yard sale. Give customers the opportunity to open the doors to their storage facilities and sell directly from their self-storage units. Make a donation to charity, in connection with the “garage sale.”

Be Available and Friendly

Create an environment at your self-storage facility that makes the place feel like an extension of the tenants’ homes. The person in the office should always smile and communicate in a friendly way with every tenant. Whenever possible, go above and beyond. If a tenant needs access an hour before or after regular hours, accommodate them, if possible.

Contact an Exceptional Self-Storage Broker

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