When you get involved in self-storage as an investment, you enter a very cozy industry, where connections of an experienced self-storage broker truly count. Weaver Realty Group serves the entire Florida peninsula and has the added benefit of being an affiliate with the Argus Self-Storage Network. At Weaver, we have come to specialize in acquiring, selling, and evaluating self-storage properties of every size and type. The following are among the benefits provided by an experienced self-storage broker.

A Large Network

When it comes to selling your self-storage property, your best options arise from entering into the nationwide network of real estate brokers through Argus affiliates. With this type of network, information about your investment property will reach your target audience made up of individuals who recognize the value of self-storage. Experienced brokers have a solid grasp on the economic factors affecting the value of your self-storage property. They also connect you to qualified buyers, ensuring that you can get the best possible price and terms in the sale of your property.

An Effective Marketing Campaign

Experienced self-storage brokers have established marketing campaign strategies that you can benefit from. Instead of trying to cram your marketing into a one-size-fits-all routine, brokers like those at Weaver have the expertise to attract the right potential buyers.

The Right Price

Part of a successful campaign is properly assessing the value of your property. Experience is required to achieve a balance. On the one hand, you don’t want your property languishing on the market for months because the price is too high. Of course, you don’t want to sell too low, either. It can be very costly to misjudge the amount buyers are willing to pay for a self-storage property.

Knows the Answers

When you deal with experts like those at Weaver, there are certain questions they can answer, due to their familiarity with the self-storage market. An experienced broker can tell you what the going rate has been for comparable properties sold in the past 90 days or so. Based on those numbers and more, the broker can advise you as to whether it’s a good time to sell or a better time to hold off for a while, until demand increases.

The brokers at Weaver are among the experts who will give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect to sell your property for. Some may inflate the numbers, as a way of winning your business. Brokers with a successful track record have no problem telling you like it is as opposed to telling you what you want to hear.

Finally, a broker in the know can specify why your property can’t be expected to successfully list for a higher price. Potential reasons include deferred property maintenance, too many tenants behind on rent, and revenue.

Contact Self-Storage Brokers at Weaver

Weaver Realty Group offers the best in self-storage brokerage services. Our brokers consistently provide creative solutions, which has laid a foundation of trust that we continue to build on. The dynamics of the self-storage market are ever-changing, and we keep up, thanks to ongoing collaborations with affiliate brokers across the nation. Contact Josh Koerner at Weaver Realty Group by calling (904) 591-0140 today to begin receiving the benefits of our experienced self-storage brokers.