Before setting guidelines for a pet-friendly property, you may struggle with the pros and cons of allowing pets. The potential problems can seem obvious: Property damage, pet odors, liability for animal bites, and disturbances caused by barking. In-depth research ultimately reveals, however, that the benefits of allowing pets on property outweigh the negatives. The pool of prospective tenants is much larger when pets are allowed, since almost half of all renters own a pet. Pet owners are usually mature and responsible, earn a higher income, and stay in one location longer than tenants with no pets. By allowing pets, you also decrease the odds that tenants will sneak in animals that aren’t approved. Once you’ve settled on allowing pets, the following are some helpful property management guidelines for a pet-friendly property.

Pet Lease Agreement

Establish a pet lease agreement for pet owners, which can include supplemental rent and a pet deposit. In this way, you communicate the rules of pet ownership that apply to your property. Pet owners should be advised of what is and is not acceptable.


Your goal is to protect your investment, and this should include ensuring that pets registered on the property qualify to be there. All pets should have vaccinations kept up-to-date. The types of things you can ask for but not necessarily require include the following:

  • A training certificate showing that the pet has been through professional training.
  • Information from the pet’s veterinarian, regarding the health and disposition of the pet.
  • A letter of reference from previous landlords familiar with a tenant’s pet and actions as a pet owner and/or tenant.

Outdoor Space Designated for Pets

Tenants with pets appreciate having a designated outdoor space for their furry friends. This helps to prevent owners from allowing pets to roam in unwanted areas. A big plus is if the property provides stations with supplies and a trash receptacle so that it’s easier to clean up after pets. Access to drinking water for animals is also much appreciated. Outdoor pet space makes for happier pet owners and their pets.

Where to Go for More Property Management Assistance

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