Choosing desirable tenants is one of the critical roles of a property manager, and non-discriminatory tenant screening is an essential part of that job. Discrimination lawsuits can be extremely costly and should be carefully avoided. To adhere to rules of fair housing and non-discrimination, the following information should never be included or asked about in the process of screening tenants: Age, family status, race, nationality, religion, and disabilities. The following information is not categorized as discriminatory in nature and is therefore appropriate for consideration when screening tenants.


One attribute of an ideal tenant is prompt rent payments month after month. When you request income information from prospective tenants, you are accessing evidence of their current financial standing. The screening process should eliminate tenants who seem unable to consistently cover the cost of rent.


It is perfectly legal to ask a potential tenant about employment status, since it has a direct effect on the capability of paying rent. An individual who has been out of work for an extended period should probably be considered a risk. Someone who recently became unemployed and is currently seeking a job may warrant greater consideration.

Past Evictions

A person’s past rental history can be an invaluable tool when screening tenants. It is considered fair to look at an individual’s eviction history, and it’s also highly advisable. This is an efficient approach to eliminating tenant problems before they begin. Running a property is much less complicated and more profitable when there are no evictions or troublesome tenants to deal with.

Credit History

The credit history of a prospective tenant also offers valuable insights that can be used without discriminating during the tenant screening process. The credit history can reveal information about bankruptcies, lawsuits, late payments, and crime reports. Insight into money management that a credit history can provide is also very helpful in evaluating the quality of a potential tenant.

Reliable Property Management Services

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