Maintaining a low vacancy rate at a self-storage facility begins with giving renters what they are looking for. The answer to what tenants want in a storage facility can largely depend on the area where the property is located. Some features are universal and less of a risk for owners aiming to target investment dollars wisely. The following are some insights for ensuring that your self-storage investment property draws customers in by meeting in-demand needs.

Self-Storage Property for Recreational Vehicles

In areas such as Florida, where one or more bodies of water mean plenty of recreational activities, vehicle storage is usually a popular feature on self-storage properties. Such geographical locations are vacation hotspots with a demand for flexible, short-term contracts and storage of various types of recreational vehicles (RVs). Anyplace where the boating industry is booming, there is opportunity in providing storage.


The three types of vehicle storage are outdoor, covered, and indoor. Outdoor storage space is typically the most affordable. Covered storage is often preferable, since there is additional security against the elements. The most expensive is indoor storage, to provide protection from both weather conditions and theft. Renters will be interested in all three types, especially if the location of your self-storage property provides convenient access to recreational attractions.


Convenience and Security

The most desirable self-storage facility features for many people are those which accommodate very temporary arrangements. Someone moves to town for a new job, for example, and just needs a little extra time to find their new home. A short-term rental agreement will be appealing, as will the following features, which could be considered standard at a self-storage facility:

  • Convenient drive-up access makes it much easier to unload and pack heavy furniture and bulk appliances, along with boxes and everything else that fills a home. Potential renters want a place where a moving truck can back up near the rental storage unit and make quick work of moving in and out of the storage space.
  • Advanced security features such as video surveillance, units with alarms, and on-site management provide peace of mind many tenants are seeking.
  • Extended hours make it possible for tenants to access their belongings on weekends and in the evenings. Depending on a customer’s circumstances, this may be one of the most desirable features.


Seasonal Living

Many people have more than one home or go on extended vacations, and they have seasonal living arrangements. Self-storage facilities with climate control make it possible for tenants to safely store their possessions while they are away. Sensitive belongings vulnerable to humidity and extreme heat will be protected, in a climate-controlled self-storage facility.


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