Vacancies tend to fill up more slowly in winter months, but some property management upgrades could help move things along. There are various “tricks” that can grab the attention of potential tenants more quickly. It’s never a good time to become complacent, in property management. Movers may have trouble drumming up plenty of business, but you don’t have to experience the same down time. The following are some ideas for upgrades to make during the historically slow season.


Add some Landscaping

Create a more inviting scene at the rental property. You don’t have to make a huge investment to achieve greater impact. Hire a landscaper to spruce up existing foliage and add some additional features, to brighten up the environment. Something as simple as an added hanging basket can send a more welcoming message.


Front Door Upgrade

The first feel a potential tenant gets of your property begins with merely opening the door. If the knob is rusty, the door sticks, or the overall appearance is tired and drab, the first impression leaves a lot to be desired. If the office feels like it lacks proper upkeep, how appealing could rental units be?


Appliance Upgrade

Sometimes it’s best to bite the bullet and replace outdated appliances. It always makes an excellent impression when appliances appear to be well-maintained with plenty of years of usefulness to go. Tenants are encouraged when appliances send a message that their comfort and enjoyment are priorities.


Fresh Paint

Rather than leaving walls as they are from previous tenants, add some fresh paint. There is undeniable appeal to a fresh paint job. Choose neutral tones, so that tenants can imagine their own furnishings fitting in nicely. Clean, fresh-painted walls are very inviting. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to completely transform a living space.


Hire Professional Cleaners

When competition for new tenants is tight, a great way to win over the best tenants is to make sure the apartments they look at are very clean. Hire professional cleaners to deep-clean vacant apartments, cleaning every wall, shelf, and corner. Flooring should be part of the overall glow of cleanliness.


The best move you could make for your commercial property may be to rely on fully-integrated property management services. For exceptional service in property management, contact Weaver Realty Group. The expertise provided with the highest level of customer service includes quality control, capital improvement projects, pre-construction evaluation, contract negotiation, budget analysis, and tenant improvement projects. Contact Weaver Realty Group today at (904) 733-0039.