Prepare rental listings that attract quality tenants, to increase occupancy of your property. It’s not as tough to succeed in formulating such rental listings as it may seem. However, do more than simply cover the obvious basics, such as number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You can capture the attention of the best tenants more successfully than the competition does by implementing the following helpful tips.

1-Photos Galore

Renters go online to look up rental properties more than 90% of the time. Post as many photos as you can. Renters do not want to rely fully on imagination, when finding their next home. A generous number of photos of the property combined with other strategies will ensure high traffic and interest among potential renters. Include photographs that zero in on appealing interior and exterior details. Don’t leave out unique attributes of the property.

2-Quality Images

First impressions make all the difference, as to whether or not you have rental listings that attract quality tenants. Nearly 100% of the time, first impressions are made by the photographs on your website. While photos in general are essential, the quality of the photos matters equally. Dark, out-of-focus images are more likely to turn renters away, as opposed to drawing them in. Photos should strongly reflect pleasantly bright rooms, appealing design details, cleanliness, and the finest property features.

3-List Popular Features

When quality tenants are searching for a new property, they list the features of most importance to them. Be careful to include the feature descriptions that your target group of prospective tenants would likely use. “Pool,” a location descriptor such as “downtown,” and “pets” are examples of popular features to include in your rental listings.


4-Describe Benefits

Words such as “freshly painted,” “new appliances,” and “great schools” highlight benefits that draw in potential tenants. Do market research to determine what your perfect tenant will want in a new home. Evoke positive emotions, to ensure that you have rental listings that attract the quality tenants you really want. Choose wording that makes it easy for them to imagine themselves being at home on your property.


5-Create Standout Rental Listings that Attract Quality Tenants

Grab the attention of target tenants with compelling headlines. Use commanding, informative words in rental listing titles. Don’t use all caps, but an exclamation mark might be appropriate. Strategic creativity in wording can truly set your property apart from the others.


6-Rely on Property Management Services

Property management services from Weaver Realty Group include innovative solutions to every challenge property owners may face. You can leave the issue of crafting effective rental listings that attract quality tenants to us. We have a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience as well as a longstanding reputation for finding the solutions property managers are looking for. Call Weaver Realty Group at 904-733-0039 today.