“It has been a genuine pleasure to recommend Mr. Frost Weaver and the Weaver Realty Group, LLC for prospective real property management services.

We have gotten to know Mr. Weaver and his staff at Weaver Realty Group, LLC since December 2004 when we purchased a shopping center in Macclenny, Florida. Since we are based in California, we were and remain heavily dependent on the services that Weaver Realty Group, LLC provide. Despite the distance, we have always felt that the property is in good hands. Mr. Weaver and his team have proven considerable professional, financial and strategic ability to maintain and improve the profile of our shopping center, particularly during more challenging times.

Mr. Frost Weaver and his team are thoughtful and trustworthy. Additionally, they are in absolute pleasure to conduct business with. Last and most important, Weaver Realty Group, LLC are truly passionate in achieving their goals to see their clients properties really flourish.

In short, Weaver Realty Group, LLC will meet and exceed your greatest expectations and I honestly cannot recommend them enough.”

YoramCo Properties, Ltd